Lifestyle » April 2019 » 3 reasons why your life is short


 People keep saying that life is too short and that we should live out the most of it, and even though their not completely wrong, there not completely right. The Average life span of a human being is 66 years and will

 be 125 years by 2070, so yeah, that is not short at all. 

But you may be asking (and/or complaning) why your life is too short. Let me explain:

 You don't do anything with your life

you may be right now reading this article after doing absolutely nothing and even yourself should know that that is not a good thing. if you  stay being lazy and keep doing nothing with your life every opportunity you will obtain will be lost and time to fly by very quickly. You and lot of people who are just like you might be sitting down waiting for something to happen but the reality is that nothing will come up because you didn't do anything about it, you were probably staying there on Tv sleeping  without doing anything. But that's ok because when you become old you realize the mistakes that you've made. And I may not be the only one telling you this, there must be family and friends who must be telling you this. if you want your left last longer I highly advise you to get up and do something. 

You  make bad decisions

even though life is about doing stuff it is also  about taking serious decisions. You can make good decisions or bad decisions in the bad decisions or the ones were going to cost you most of your life. if you that they're stealing or do something bad was gonna do any good well think again. There are lots of people who spent their life in jail with long sentences. so if you want to have a lot of Beautiful Life please make the right decisions. I'm not trying to pressure you, just do it, please don't mess up, if you don't, good luck. 


And Lastly, you may just have bad luck. You may have been born with some bad conditions or diseases or you literally just have no luck in you. If you want your life to last longer I highly advise you to pray. You can never go wrong with praying.

You have to remember that life is a game, you could win or you could lose. but if you have confidence in the motivation to go high you are surely going to succeed.