THE JOURNAL » March 2018 » Here Are The 6 Odd Things Most Parents do


AAAAYYYY It's Esnam, and today I'll be talking about 6 odd things each parent does

Do you find it odd that your parents do certain things. Did you know that most parents do these same things!


1. They keep embarrassing us


Let's start with something common. We all know how hard it is to constantly get embarrassed by your parents, when we were outside, with our friends and at school, so everybody should relate to this. If you don't get embarrassed by your parents, your probably not human.

2. searching for problems to get mad at you

Now Let's get serious. Do you sometimes wonder why your parents get mad for pointless things or for nothing. If you do, it maybe because they're stressed out, but there are times when it doesn't make sense, for example, one day my mom asked me if I did all my chores, and I said yes, but then she went to go verify, afterwards she came to ask me if I did my homework, and I said yes, at that point she had nothing to say, and then she asked me if I CLEANED my home work.

3.They Hate being wrong


Even if your parents are codependent or not, they just hate being wrong. have you ever been in a argument and was trying to explain something to your mom or dad and they just won't let you, If you have, it must've sucked.

4. good grades can get us anything


As we all know, good grades are a gateway to anything you want; games, phones , clothes, shoes and many more. Do I really need to explain this? Y'all should already know how it feels.

5. everything school related is ok

Here are some reasons:

- Sometimes going out with your friends is not ok, but going to the library is always ok.
- staying with your friends is sometimes ok, but after-school programs is always ok.
-asking for new shoes is isn't always ok, but asking for a expensive calculator is ok.
should I keep going?

6. are total hypocrites

Have your parents ever told you, to do your homework, but never do their paperwork?
Have your parents ever told you to get of your phone, WHILE one the phone?
have your parents ever told you to go outside, while their watching TV, with a bowl of popcorn next to them?