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Worlds kindest waiter ?!

For the past 11 years, Joe Thomas has walked into work at IHOP in Springfield, Illinois, with a spring in his step and a smile on his face.

He knows all of his “regulars” by name, and since the 43-year-old waiter doesn’t have any children of his own, he treats any little ones that come into the restaurant like relatives. It’s something customers have come to expect.

“I love the people,” Thomas told CBS News. “I just love my life, and I love the way I am.”

TO Tell y'all the truth, I've never seen a waiter as nice as this dude, every waiter I've "met" was either rude or had a fake smile on their face, so seeing a waiter this nice is very very rare, But i still have a "few" problems with him :

1. he's been working here for 11 years ?! they must pay him very well

2. He knows all his regulars by name ?, I can't even remember my doctor's name.

3. Is he wiping the customer's mouth?!!!!! I'll need a raise for doing that.

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