THE JOURNAL » August 2017 » Read these Ridiculous (but true) Stories from fast-food workers

3 Crazy Stories from fast-food workers

If anyone of of you guys are fast food workers, You guys should be able to relate to this.

"A customer came up to order at Tim Horton’s and asked what we had that was similar to Starbucks. I suggested our iced cappuccino, which she ordered. A little later, I was cleaning tables near her, and she says that our drinks aren’t good and she isn’t drinking what she ordered, and proceeds to dump out her entire drink on the table before leaving with her friends. I was fuming but I had to clean it up."




"I worked in a McDonald’s that was between two rival high schools. One night after a basketball game between the two schools, a bunch of kids from the schools come to my McDonald’s. We took about 100 orders in 10 minutes, and once pretty much everyone had gotten their food, a fight broke out between two kids after someone threw a 32-ounce fruit punch, which also stained the ceiling for an entire year. The cook tried breaking it up before the cops showed up and escorted all these kids out of the restaurant." 

- I wish i was there to see the fight


"It was around Halloween and a group of drunk people had just come from the haunted house across the street into the Subway I worked at, right at closing time. They all got their subs, but then I see one of the guys stand up clutching his stomach, and I’m like, Oh no. He throws up everywhere. On the walls, the counter, the floor - it was like a scene from The Exorcist. Then he looked down and saw that he had also peed himself. His friends thought it was hilarious but it was also a pretty effective way to get everyone out of the restaurant. My coworker and I were stuck cleaning up until 1:30 a.m."