THE JOURNAL » January 2018 » Tips and tricks on how to make your kids adore you in 2019


For all those parents who thinks their kids don't like them, here are some steps of making your kids adore you in 2019.

They are good examples

step 1 : Never try hard to be cool.

if you're a parent who tries hard to be cool, stop that right now, it's more embarrassing

for the kid than it is to you.

Step 2: don't talk about the birds and the bee's anymore

If you are planning to talk to your kids about the birds and the bee's, don't, because they already know what it is. Don't ask me how they know , they just know.  

 step 3: stay with them 

I  don't need to explain this, you guys should know already. 

 step 4 : make your kids friends like you 

Kids these days get usually influenced by their friends to try and like new things, so if their friends like you, they should like you.  

step 5: where hype beast clothing 

Most kids these days are addicted to hype beast brands like Supreme and Bape , so if they see you wearing these clothes, they will want to wear the same clothes as you. 

Step 6: tell them great stories about yourself

everybody loves a great story, so if you tell your kids a great story about yourself, they will be proud of you. 

But if you have no fun story about yourself, don't try it.