Lifestyle » July 2017 » The Weirdest Looking Shoes : What A Mistake!

Weirdest looking shoes

I've seen lot's of unusual shoes, but nothing like these.

1.Sandwich Flip Flops

First off, WTF? Who would wear Flip Flops that can make you hungry?

and Second, How much does it cost?

They also said you should wear this with coconut oil rubbed into the skin for a meaty look. WHY?

2. Unisex Skyscraper Boots

For all you short people, these are the perfect shoes for you.These shoes are 4 feet tall!

These boots are for fetish footwear, But who could get turned on after seeing that?

3.The LED Light up Tokyo Toy Sneakers

To tell you guys the truth, I think these shoes are kinda cool, these would be for a neon dance party or a flashlight for your feet.