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Man Breaks in to police station to steal his bike back

Hey guys,I recently saw this article in MSN news today and i just want to share this with you.

He just wants his bike back

OK here's the story

A man allegedly broke into a Utah police department’s evidence area to take back his bicycle.

David Elwin Snow, 37, showed up at the Provo Police Department on Dec. 18., asking for his bike, which had been recovered from a man who was arrested in an unrelated issue, reports said.

Snow had not reported the bike stolen, however, so police needed to verify that the bike was his, before giving it to him, the Desert News reported.

Snow and his brother were allegedly able to see where the bike was stored in an outdoor area, according to a police report. Police said later that night the men returned to take it back.

"This is a first," Provo Police Sgt. Nisha King told the Desert News.

Police didn't know the bike was gone until the man originally accused of stealing the bike was arrested again and told authorities he’d heard that two men had gotten the bicycle out of the police station.

Snow's brother "had been bragging that they (the brothers) had 'pulled off the crime of the century and broken into the police department,” according to a police report.

Snow was then arrested on Wednesday. No charges have been filed in the case, however

I really don't know why this was on the news and it is such a big deal, but it quite interesting.

So the moral of the story is that don't ever try to steal your stuff back from the police, If the police take something from you, you wait until they give it back.