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For those who visited the about ESNAM page should know that I currently live in France but I never gave any detailed information about my life in France so I thought that I will give you a decent story about About My Crazy Life in France so get your popcorn get your drinks or get whatever you want because you'll be reading a very very interesting story, I promise you that. And no I am not French, I'm an Afro-american who currently lives in France. Don't get it twisted.

How I got here

in 2014 my father said to me my family that we will be living in France for certain time and after he said there we were all excited because we thought that we were going to live or brand new, amazing Life in France. so before we left we told our friends and most of our family that we were be leaving and even though they were sad we were not. And then when we arrived in France we didn't get what we were expecting. Instead of living in Paris or in a pretty nice place we were living in a not so special place and since we didn't speak any French at the time we were struggling to communicate with others, especially me since I wasn't very open to people at that time. and when I started school I was really really shy because I really didn't know what to do. But after 4 years of really memorable experiences I became a changed person and these experiences were so memorable that each of these experiences is a story of its own. So stay tuned for more stories.

But at the end of the day living in France really changed me for the best because if I never left the United States I will never be able to become the person I am today and I will never be able to create content for you guys.

My life today

now I'm living in Lille and right now it's really nice because I have a bunch of friends and lots of material to make articles and stories to share with you guys and I hope you guys will will allow me to make more.

and since I'm still a teenager I still live with my parents and I still have to deal with a lot of crap but still I'm happy and motivated to make more content for you guys.

So if you're planning to live another country, you may have made the best decision of your life.