THE JOURNAL » September 2017 » What is happening to youtube?

What is happening to youtube?

For The past 3 months, YouTube has been experiencing some changes, and it got a lot of viewers confused, but don't worry, i'm gonna break it down for you guys.

* Certain you-tubers bleeping or cussing less.

For the past 3 weeks certain you-tubers who've been cussing less, such as DashieGames and Lennar Young have been cussing less, I know it must suck having to hear these you-tubers bleeping.

The reason is that you-tube has added some new rules (yes MORE rules) that has forbidden excessive swearing.

* Everybody  is following the trends a little too much.

The many many diss-tracks on YouTube have created the YouTube "Civil War". But why is everybody doing diss tracks? Well the reason is simple, the money and views. It's no surprise that everybody wants more money ever since many advertisers pulled out of YouTube, and that the paychecks were getting low.