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Weirdest game on Game Jolt right now

Today were going to talk about the weirdest games on Game Jolt you could play right now, and if you don't know what Game Jolt is, it's a website where you can download indie games created by different developers.

"Everything is going to be OK is an interactive zine that has a lot of weird characters and a lot of colors (you may get seizures).

Here's the summery:

It is a collection of life experiences, commentary on struggle, and oddly enough my own version of a power-fantasy. I have come to think that we have a backward idea of power, and perception of strength. We always have, and I think this is a byproduct of a historically patriarchal system. From religion, to politics, to economics, power is viewed as how many people you can subjugate. Respect is how many people fear you because of your power. How you can get what you want at the expense of others, how you are the biggest dog in the dog-eat-dog world that we have created for ourselves...

Do you want to download this crap? search the link.