TECH WIZ » September 2017 » What Everyone Must Know About The Things I Do With My Smartphone

Today I'll share with you the things i do with my smartphone, make sure you comment and tell me the the things you do with your phone.

* I Barely BUY appstore or google play giftcards, I usually download free apps.

NO, it doesn't mean i'm Cheap, I just Rather spend money on Steam or Xbox live or Roblox.

* I always have to change my wallpaper.

At least once every two weeks i change my wallpaper, because they are so many wallpapers out there that i like. DON'T JUDGE ME

* I Usually play games on my phone

I'm a gamer, I play lots of video games on many platforms. YES I'm A NERD, DO YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT?