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 HALSEY'S "creative" outfit for the Grammy's

 Almost every celebrity has a unique and stylish outfit at the Grammy's, but for Halsey's outfit, that's definitely not it. 

 Halsey wore an over-sized blue satin tracksuit: pants with over-sized pockets and a collared jacket that she left unzipped. The good part, though? She opted to leave her sports bra at home, instead rocking just a stunning silver body chain. It seems that she wanted everyone to look at her chest. Not bad. 

The 22-year-old singer told Giuliana Rancic on E!’s Live from Red Carpet that her look — a royal blue satin jacket with nothing underneath, which she paired with a matching pair of parachute pants — was inspired by “a little TLC, a little Aaliyah, ’90s R&B.” 

She also said

 “I just didn’t want to wear a dress. Why not hit ’em with a silk number,” the star said, adding, “I wanted to do something that was very sexy and androgynous.”

 It's fine to think that way, Halsey but be more creative next time.