TECH WIZ » January 2018 » Have You Heard of these Weird Things On Ali Express ?

THE Weirdest looking things you can find on Ali Express

Most you should know what Ali Express is, So i don't have to explain what this Online store is. Anyway , when i was browsing the site one i stumbled upon some weird looking items that really caught my attention.

Don't worry i'll share the links of each item if you want to see for yourself.

1. QCY TOP 50 Headphones

When I first looked at these , I was amazed of how futuristic it looks and how it only costs $20! ( for now ) I have earphones that costs more than that! So i wanted to order it, but then I realized that it wouldn't fit me. ( because I have big ears and it would be really uncomfortable for me.) But it would have been a great Christmas gift for my little brother. Too bad that I forgot to get him something.

Anyway, If you want more information about this product, just click the button below.

2. JAKCOM smart ring R3

Yes, this is a real thing that exists. 

We already have, Smart watches, smart homes, smart phones and smart glasses, so it's reasonable that there is a smart ring, But I don't think this product will become popular because we really don't need a smart ring and to tell you guys the truth, I will probably lose this thing I buy one. I rather buy an expensive gold ring. 

Anyway, this smart ring can do lots of stuff like answering calls, play music and much more. 

So if you want more info on this, click the button below.


1.  Mini i8 Wireless Keyboard 


 If know anyone who has this, do them a favor and chuck it out the window because there is no point in to having a weird looking keyboard like this. 

Anyway, this is an English/Russian format wireless keyboard that looks weird AF. I really don't have a lot to say about this keyboard besides the fact that it's complete trash and that there is no point it to buying it. 

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