GAMING ADDICT » May 2018 » At Last, The Secret To Why PC Gaming Will Always Be Better Than Console Gaming Is Revealed

Let me explain to you why PC gaming will always be better than console gaming

I know you some of you reading will try to disagree with me, but I know that you know that I'm right. But for all of those who completely disagree with me, I will gladly explain to you ignorant console gamers. Try to disagree with me after reading this article, I dare you!


For the people who don't know, Pc gaming offers a large variety of things to do, from the online stores (Steam, GOG.COM, Origin et etc...) and the amount of stuff you can do! You can play the alphas of upcoming games, you can learn how to hack lot's of games, you can change how you play your games, you can multitask like crazy (depending on what kind of pc do you have) , you can download mods and create mods ( again, depending on what type of pc do you have) , you'll have the greatest VR experience (AGAIN depending on what PC you have) , and best of all Multiplayer is free!

And tell me, can you do all that with a gaming console? Yeah I didn't think so either.

- But Esnam, there is the PlayStation VR, and it's very awesome , and you don't need a PlayStation 4 Pro to use it!

SHUT UP! I know that, but it has yet to good as the HTC vive and the Oculus rift.


Now let's get serious, the key to an amazing gaming experience is the performance, you can not enjoy a video game if the hardware's performance is crap! And even though gaming consoles offer great experiences , it always lacks something very important, 60 FPS. We all know that it's not common to play a game in 60 fps on your current Xbox One and Ps4. With a Gaming Pc , you are guarantied with 60 Fps on whatever game you play (AGAIN, depending on what gaming Pc you Have) and you will have the gaming experience that you're looking for.

But Esnam, there are no FPS drops when your playing on a console.

But can you play CS GO at 120 fps? no you can't.


The thing that makes PC gaming way better than console gaming is the Customization. And if you disagree with me ( which you shouldn't) let me list it down for you.

* the type of case you want 

* the lighting 

* the type of graphics card you want ( NVidia GeForce GTX or AMD) 

* the type of Hard drive ( HDD or SSD ) 

* the setup 

* and the many accessories you can have 

And tell me, what can you do with a gaming console? 

* Change the skin and some accessories :(

So in conclusion, these are the reasons why PC gaming will always dominate console gaming.